Innovational spirit

Germany’s ingenuity has a long tradition

In order to accomplish a promising creation several factors take effect. You need to dare to take risks, show diligence, a strong will and some luck to turn an idea into a successful product. However, as you know, you can force your luck by using diligence and commitment. 

To many nations Germany represents a role model. Though this might be flattering for our country, it is important to push our creative genius and innovational strength and promote it further on.

Compared to other European nations Germany produces more innovations than others. In comparison to countries outside Europe Germany almost reaches the innovative drive of the United States of America.  

Our nation has a huge potential. We should be motivated to use this potential in the future and to continue the success story of Made in Germany. German ingenuity is in demand all over the world as it has never been before. Let’s show this strength to the world!

Innovative German inventions are milestones in economy.

The car

The car

Once a rarity, today the vehicle no. 1: the car, invented by Karl Friedrich Benz in 1886.

The lightbulb

The lightbulb

Heinrich Göbel invented the lightbulb in 1854. Today various forms of light sources lighten our globe.



On the station‘s side images are decomposed and on the receiver’s side they are built up again – this is the principle of television broadcast. Manfred von Ardenne invented it in 1930. Today every year approx. 167 million TVs are sold worldwide.



Felix Hoffmann came up with this “white wonder” in 1897. This medicine turned out to be the mostly sold preparation in the market.

The computer

The computer

Konrad Zuse layed the foundation for the PC’s triumph with his electromechanical arithmetic unit Z3 in 1941.

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