Business location Germany

Globalization and a sense of belonging to home

Securing the future of German companies

More than 1,500 world market leaders in Germany

The awareness and international perception of products and services from Germany has been increasing over many decades. Today Made in Germany stands out for high values, security, above-average quality, longevity and global innovation.

Known all over the world and in demand

Products and inventiveness Made in Germany are known all over the world. High-grade goods from Germany are in demand. Made in Germany is a benchmark for many industrialized countries and stands as a synonym for quality and reliability.

Balance and security

Providers on produce at least 60 per cent of their value in Germany. Our control mechanisms ensure that suppliers commit themselves to guarantee the origin, production and processing of their products. Every year we check approx. 2,500 companies.

Clear conditions

In order to generate more transparency as to origin and production of German goods we developed the Made in German quality seal. Suppliers laying claim for Made in Germany are thoroughly checked during a certification procedure. This quality seal is going to be available from the third quarter 2018 on.

Fair conditions

In the age of globalization and fight for resources in worldwide markets it is no longer possible to warrant 100 per cent of production and resources as well as expertise to be of German origin alone, because companies producing in the German Federal Republic need to be able to take part in global competition.

Production site sees its assignment as strengthening and safeguarding Germany as a business location and strives to work together with you. We enable enterprises from all over the German Federal Republic to present themselves as providers of the world-famous quality Made in Germany on our platform.

Production site

Export power is the only platform to offer you the opportunity to present your products and services in an exclusive and up-to-date community. Place your profile on a website where it is listed for potential purchasing agents and consumers who are searching for quality Made in Germany.

Export strength

Innovational spirit

To many nations Germany represents a role model. Though this might be flattering for our country, it is important to push our creative genius and innovational strength and promote it further on. With this end in view we founded our platform

Innovational spirit

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