Export strength

Export strength
Get more out of your products – overcome limitations, increase your export strength.

In 2016 Germany generated a current account surplus of 266 billion euro in merchandise exports. Surplus corresponds to 8.6 per cent of the gross domestic product. This is an increase of 1.2 per cent compared to the record-setting year 2015. Goods produced and developed in Germany are in demand globally. Take advantage and export your products by using madeingermany.online.

More merchandise export than merchandise import
For decades merchandise export has been exceeding merchandise import noticeably in Germany. Nonetheless not all markets are developed. We are convinced that German producers have not achieved their full potential by far. Let’s work together and reach this aim!

madeingermany.online has been exlusively founded for German companies Made in Germany. We enable you to present your products and services in an up-to-date, protected community. Why not show your company’s profile on a platform where potential purchasing agents and consumers are exclusively searching for quality Made in Germany?

We guarantee that your enterprise is listed together with businesses from Germany which commit to similar ideals and aspirations as you.

as a central place

Germany’s strengths motivated us to realize our concept of a platform for a German industrial nation which is also leading in the fields of research and services. We strive to support companies on their way to world leadership. Our platform was founded in 2017, market entry followed in 2018.

Which concept lies behind our platform? German companies producing and delivering quality Made in Germany unite on our platform and present themselves as leading players of the German economy. madeingermany.online is the first point of contact for purchasing agents and prospects from all over the world searching for producers and service providers from Germany.

Germany’s five biggest buyer countries

For decades the German Federal Republic has been amongst the world export champions.

Germany’s five biggest buyer countries
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