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With approx. 1,500 world market leaders and approx. 16,000 patent applications in 2017 alone Germany holds a leading role in the global economy. Moreover since 2016 our country again has been designated world export champion with a current account surplus of 297 billion dollar. To keep this success up is the aim of all involved parties in Germany. sees its assignment as strengthening and safeguarding Germany as a business location in the future and strives to work together with you. We enable enterprises from all over the German Federal Republic to globally present themselves as providers of the world-famous quality Made in Germany on our platform.

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By registering on companies are not only present on this platform, they also show an attitude and represent German economy. In these days of market flooding cheap imports from Asia quality Made in Germany is more in demand than ever.

Many German enterprises draw back their production sites from the Far East. Their main reasons for this are increasing labor and transport costs, deficient production conditions, legal insecurity and revaluation of Asian currencies.

Let’s bethink of our strengths

All enterprises benefit from a strong community with a common denominator. Each company gains more visibility and a wider purview. All providers on our platform contribute to the increase in production in Germany. More manpower will be needed to accomplish the higher sales. New jobs will be created. These are our aims at

Lasting effects

More investment capital will be disposable for companies. Corporate profits and taxes will be invested in education and job market measures. Research will also benefit from these effects. Also German companies invest in developing new technologies and innovations in order to produce more and operate even more successfully. All participants benefit from safeguarding our business location. Every enterprise is important for the community Made in Germany.

Werden Sie Teil einer großen Gemeinschaft

Eine Registrierung auf bewirkt viele positive Effekte. Schließen Sie sich unserem bundesweiten Bündnis an.



You are a company which represents the German standards of quality and expertise? Take a stand at your business location Germany. Gain a wider global purview by grouping with enterprises that are renowned for their high quality awareness. Take this chance is offering you.

An important step

An important step

Show your commitment and register today. Use our all-in-one solution’s comprehensive range and increase demand for your products and services noticeably. You register free of charge on and without any contract commitment.

Community Made in Germany

Community Made in Germany

From this moment on your commitment and success will be visible on Purchasing agents from all over the world will find you on our platform. You operate as a part of a community of German enterprises, you take advantage of the synergies and enjoy an excellent reputation all over the world.

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