Why Made in Germany?

Why buyers decide for Made in Germany

Highest quality standards

On our platform you only find providers and their products and services Made in Germany. Quality and reliability warranted by German goods are highly in demand and enjoy an excellent reputation.


Do you focus on sustainability? Quality and longevity will save you money in the long run. In order to meet current and future requirements many providers develop and produce in Germany. Goods from the German Federal Republic have a lifecycle which is on average up to 35 per cent longer than the lifecycle of imported merchandise.

More than 240,000 producers in Germany

Many world market leaders come from Germany and develop high-grade products and innovations. At large 240,000 companies in our country belong to the manufacturing sector. Many of them produce the high-grade goods required by the quality seal Made in Germany.

Leading innovational strength

Between 2000 and 2017 more than 800,000 patents were applied for in Germany alone. Many of them evolved to market-leading products. Rely on this leading edge and take advantage of goods and services made in the German Federal Republic.

The service industry in Germany – impressive and exemplary

The service industry is the biggest and fastest growing economic sector in Germany. In 2017 this industry generated 69 per cent of the total economic value creation. Approx. three out of four employees work in the service industry. 1,943 billion euro were generated.

Competitive edge by state-of-the-art technologies

Germany is a country brimming with ideas, innovations and pioneering spirit. Its success is especially apparent because our country has been reaching the title of world export champion for decades. Made in Germany is leading in engineering, in the pharmaceutical industry, in environmental technology, in the automotive sector, in medical technology and in many other industries.

Eco-friendly production

Goods produced in Germany are based on state-of-the-art, eco-friendly and energy-efficient concepts. The common stated goal is to preserve environmental resources and simultaneously meet the highest standards of quality and efficiency. Legislative regulations for German providers are much stricter than in other producing countries. GreenTech 4.0 Made in Germany is a good example.

What is the secret of German producers?

Companies Made in Germany belong to the elite of German economy. Learn how enterprises in Germany succeed in holding their ground in global markets.

Example: the automotive sector and their suppliers

The German automotive sector and its dependent industries have been world market leaders for decades (hidden champions); many examples illustrate this fact. One of the specialized companies in the field of robotics and automation technology is KUKA Roboter, a leading producer of industrial robots.

The German automotive sector occupies approx. 808,000 employees and generates a revenue of more than 400 billion euro, which is 7.7 per cent of the total economic output.

Handmade articles
Made in Germany

Individually produced goods from Germany are highly in demand all over the world. Handmade-in-Germany represents handmade, unique and custom-made products with extraordinary high value and quality; it also stands for authenticity, individuality and international appreciation.

Quality control 4.0

Quality controls are firmly established during production processes of German producers. Companies continually check their materials and raw materials as well as developing processes in order to reach their optimum. Thus they increase reliability and reduce maintenance costs. Digital methods developed in Germany support this process. Made in Germany also means buying favorably in the long run.

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