Advantages and benefits

Provider Made in Germany

Gain your competitive edge offers you a wide range of benefits which make it easy for you to win new customers.

Visibility at a max

With you increase your national and global visibility many times over. At the same time you avoid distribution losses, because customers on our platform exclusively search for products Made in Germany. Every year 400 million search requests from all over the world go out for Made in Germany.

Awareness and acceptance

Made in Germany represents reliability, quality and other values. Gain more public acceptance and awareness by registering your company. Present yourself on and underline your awareness as to quality and location. Your score of reputation will increase considerably.

Formation of elites

It might be hard to gain new customers when you don’t mark yourself off from others. Show the world that you are among the leading German companies, that you belong to the elite Made in Germany and stand out from the mass in this community. Enterprises Made in Germany are amongst the top 3 of the most renowned companies in Germany.

Unique search engine

With your company’s profile on our platform you receive access to a community with unique characteristics. Only companies Made in Germany register on our platform. Thus your hit rate increases up to 300 per cent compared to other trade directories and business search engines.

Reach purchasing agents all over the world

International companies looking for products and services from Germany first come across when searching the internet. Thus your business will be found much easier on our platform than in other business and supplier search engines. Seven out of ten seekers directly reach us.

Increase your search engine ranking

Our customers‘ profiles are based on an innovative system. Intelligent filters, keyword tools and high level SEO measures increase your ranking in all search engines up to 70 per cent, when placing your profile on Our optional SEO campaign tool helps you to get the max out of our platform.

Which industries are free to register?

  • Producers
  • Retail
  • Service sector
  • Banks and insurances
  • Research and development
  • Art

The world needs Made in Germany

Nowhere on earth more products and services are in demand as in Germany.

The world needs Made in Germany
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