Minimum value creation

Not every company is Made in Germany.



At least 55 per cent of value creation – a provider’s product or service – need to be made in Germany in order for the company to register on According to the factor a limit value of 50-55 per cent applies.

Calculation example

Calculation example

The sum of all four factors, divided by 4, is 77 per cent real net output ratio and thus lies above the limit value of 55 per cent.

A system of vision

There are many quality seals without any meaning or policy. Our Made in Germany quality seal offers clear criteria as well as transparency. A fair seal as a guardian of the quality standard Made in Germany.

The Made in Germany
quality seal

The first and only quality seal Made in Germany offering a consistent standard and warranting the origin. A voluntary
certification for every business in Germany claiming a clear statement.

Certification from the third quarter 2018 on

Get your certification from Made in Germany GmbH. Our test procedure for this certification consists of a questionnaire and a confirmation process. If you pass the test you will receive the Made in Germany quality seal in digital form and also a certificate for your usage.

Made in Germany GmbH I Gütesiegel
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